Monday, June 3, 2013

Let the North never forget...

Isn't sad when you read a book and feel sad that one of your favorite characters has died or been killed? Isn't it worse when you invest yourself in a series and one of the main characters featured throughout the series is completely destroyed and the storyline is surprisingly ended? George RR Martin probably has a whole lot more hate mail this week than when he actually wrote the book featuring the scene that was just filmed and shown on TVs everywhere. I find it a victory though, in George  RR Martin, that as a writer of fantasy and epic stories he can evoke and create such tumultuous emotions in a wide range of people. That is true talent. The day we stop lamenting and feeling empathy for the characters we grow with each week is the day we truly have a tragedy like that of the "Red Wedding". The North will never forget!

*Warning for language *
Reactions of people witnessing the most current Game of Thrones episode featuring the "Red Wedding". 


  1. I have to start watching this series if it evokes such reaction! There aren't many TV shows like this one. Enjoy!

  2. I agree that this last episode was incredibly well done but I wasn't happy that the good guys "lost". In the commentary after the show, the producers noted that virtuous behavior is not rewarded and in fact George RR Martin is showing how hard it is to be heroic.